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  • NUK First Choice + PP Bottle Trio Set 0-6m
  • Includes 3 bottle
  • Suitable for ages: 0-6 months
  • NUK First Choice with NUK Temperature Control helps parents feed baby milk at the perfect temperature every time.
  • The temperature of the contents of the bottle makes the indicator change colour: if the food is too hot, the normally blue indicator will turn white
  • Orthodontic silicone teat is particularly soft for a natural drinking experience
  • Clinically tested for an optimal combination of breast and bottle feeding
  • 300ml: 0-6 months M (medium feed hole = for formula)
  • Made of high-quality and lightweight polyamide (PA), BPA-free
  • Includes 3 x 300ml First Choice Plus Temp Control Bottles


  • BPA Free